Business Consultation Service.

  • Whether you’re purchasing an established business or starting a new one, you make decisions about your business every day. Leading a company can be challenging, especially when entering a new environment. That’s why CCG's team of subject-matter experts offers advisory services to guide businesses throughout every stage of development.

  • Our experienced advisors accompany you throughout the mandate, offer objective, practical, culturally sensitive, and result-driven advise— which includes one-on-one coaching when operating a business. Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and skills to manage every function of your business with confidence in Canada.


  • Planning your business

  • Organizing your finances

  • Registering your business

  • Hiring and managing employees

  • Sales & marketing

  • Digital strategy, website development, eCommerce implementation

  • International expansion

  • Operational efficiency

  • Immigration

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